Safety & Security Practices

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Facilitation of Safety & Security, Ashcroft (Stratford, Ct) United States Facility

Ashcroft in Stratford, CT is a USA licensed manufacturing facility through The U.S. Department of State.

Documentation Processing: Procedures are in place to ensure that all information used in the clearing of merchandise & cargo, is legible, complete, accurate and protected against the exchange, loss or introduction of erroneous information.

Manifesting Procedures: Importer security filing (ISF) for Ocean and Master airway bills along with commercial invoices and packing slip auditing procedures are in place to help ensure the integrity of cargo received from outside of the United States.

Shipping & Receiving: Shipping weights & dimensions along with proper labeling, country of origin markings and piece counts are verified. Imported cargo is verified against the packing list and internal purchase order placed with the supplier.

Departing Cargo: Exported cargo is verified against purchase or manifest delivery orders. If the exported value is over $2,500, the exported cargo is also submitted through the ACE/AES filing system. Truck drivers delivering or receiving cargo are positively identified before cargo is released or received.

Cargo Discrepancies: All shortages, overages, and other significant discrepancies are investigated. Customs and/or other appropriate law enforcement agencies are notified if illegal or suspicious activities are detected.

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Physical Security: Cargo handling and storage facilities have physical barriers and deterrents that are intended to guard against unauthorized access.

Security and Threat Awareness: Ashcroft has onsite security personnel. Physical inspections and surveys are performed by Ashcroft personnel and are kept on file.

Gates and Gate House & Physical Access Controls: For safety and security, there is one gated access entry for daily deliveries onto the premises. For the safety of employees and visitors, and for the protection of company assets, access controls prevent unauthorized entry to the facility. Access controls include the positive identification of all employees, visitors, and vendors at all points of entry. Visitors that enter onto the Ashcroft premises are escorted and monitored.

Alarm Systems & Video Surveillance Cameras: Ashcroft alarm systems and video surveillance cameras are in place and are utilized to monitor the premises to prevent unauthorized access to cargo handling and storage areas.

Domestic and Foreign Visitors: Ashcroft's Stratford, CT U.S. headquarters has a U.S. State Department technology control plan in place. Visitors must present photo identification for documentation purposes and must advise if they are a foreign national upon arrival. All visitors are escorted at all times.

Deliveries (including mail): Proper vendor ID and/or photo identification must be presented for documentation purposes upon arrival by all vendors. All packages and mail are screened before being delivered throughout the Ashcroft Stratford, CT facility.

Financial Auditing: Ashcroft internal financial J-SOX audits are conducted by nonaffiliated financial auditing firms to ensure Ashcroft's ongoing financial health.