Trade Compliance

Mission Statement

Ashcroft is governed by regulatory and international statutes that place a range of obligations on our employees throughout the world. Ashcroft observes national and international foreign trade laws and manages its business responsibly in accordance with these statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Primary responsibilities of the Ashcroft Trade Compliance Department are:

  • To ensure that all areas of the Ashcroft organization are in regulatory compliance with applicable Import and Export laws and regulations
  • To maintain and assess Ashcroft's policies and procedures to ensure they promote and reinforce a culture of integrity and ethical business principles and practices

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Our Stewardship and Principle

Ashcroft is committed to all regulatory policies and procedures. The Trade Compliance Team monitors and assesses all trade risk as it is encountered.

The Ashcroft Trade Compliance Team keeps current with all applicable national and international Compliance Laws and Regulations. The team identifies business transactions that may potentially violate those statutes.

Ashcroft's commitment to maintain integrity in all business transactions is supported through identification and avoidance of improper influence. Strict separation of business and personal interests is maintained to prevent illegal, unethical or improper conduct. Commitment and adherence to regulatory transparency in all Import/Export transactions is of the utmost importance.