Metals and Minerals

Metals and Minerals

Damage control, before it happens...
At Ashcroft, our focus is to protect lives and livelihoods by producing specialized products to counter the hazards that you face every day. With years of experience in critical applications, our reputation for safe, rugged and reliable pressure instruments has been earned one customer at a time.

Our experience with hazardous environments and destructive processes has led to purpose-built pressure instruments for installations where interaction with explosive gases or corrosive media is routine. Even the pressure of slurries that will likely clog a gauge or switch can be easily measured through an isolation ring, ensuring an uninterrupted process flow along with continuously accurate measurements.

With the help of our able technical support, you can confidently monitor your processes with instruments that will keep your people safe and your operation productive. Just call CASE® at 1-800-328-8258 to tell us about your application.

Featured Products

80 Wafer Isolation Rings

80 Wafer Isolation Ring

The Ashcroft® 80 isolation ring or isolation device is mounted inline with process piping.

1009 Industrial Pressure Gauge

1009 4.5/6 Inch Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 1009 industrial pressure gauge is ideal for resisting chemical, weather or corrosion effects.

G2 Pressure Transducer

G2 Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® G2 combines performance with value. A versatile product platform, it excels in even the most challenging application.

A-Series NEMA 7 Pressure Switch

A-Series Explosion Proof Pressure Switch

The Ashcroft® APA and APS explosion proof miniature pressure switches are used for pressure control within harsh applications.

202 Flanged Diaphragm Seals

202-203 Flanged Diaphragm Seals

The Ashcroft® 202 and 203 diaphragm seals or isolation devices are available with welded or bonded diaphragms and a minimum pressure span of 10 inches of water.

1279 Duragauge Pressure Gauge

1279 Duragauge® Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge comes standard with a phenolic case. It's robust, Teflon® coated 400 series stainless steel movement provides smooth and reliable performance.

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